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Services performed by Busi
Our services include HRIS & Payroll Application, Systems Consulting, IT Call Support & Maintenance, Software License & Hardware provider. Busi supports all major computer technology platforms (mainframe, mid-range, client/server and network environments) to implement Clients’ projects. Busi serves Clients involved in communications, distribution, financial services, health care, information technology, manufacturing and utilities.

Busi emphasizes long-term relationships with Clients
Busi believes that its culture, philosophy and values are the foundation of its success and the basis for continued growth. Since our founding in July 1996, Busi has been guided by a commitment to professionalism and the cornerstone principles of honesty, integrity, caring and sharing. This commitment results in a competitive advantage that helps Busi attract and retain exceptional Consultants and meet the demands of our Clients for talented, high-quality professionals. Through its Consultants, Busi has established a reputation for quality, integrity, reliability and responsiveness.


Give "THE BEST VALUE" for : providing excellent information systems professionals and providing leadership/management support.


Continued growth, from a Company perspective as well as personal growth for each Busi Staff Member and Client satisfaction, as a result of Busi's responsiveness and outstanding performance.

Busi provides a wide range of value-added Information Technology (IT) Consulting and custom software development services through our presence in numerous Busipolitan markets in the Indonesia.

Our experienced Consultants and proprietary systems allow us to deliver high-quality, on- schedule services to our Clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Busi’s Clients, due to their growth and range of automation needs, require specialized information technology support that is either not available internally or does not justify permanent increases in personnel.

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